Graduate Profile

The profile of graduates in the implementation of the Civil Engineering and Planning Education Study Program are defined as follows:

1. Educator/instructor in Civil Engineering and Planning

Professional educators in the fields of civil engineering and planners at vocational schools, industry, Educational and Vocational Training Centers, and Centers for the Development and Empowerment of educators and education personnel who have a transformative spirit with mastery of knowledge; plan, implement, evaluate, guide, and train in the learning process; utilize and use the latest technology.

2. Educational Laboratory Institutions

Acts as a professional technician/laboratory assistant who is able to plan, operate equipment and use materials, maintain/care for equipment and materials, evaluate work systems and develop laboratory activities in the field of civil engineering.

3. Professionals in Civil Works and Planning

Works in the professional field in companies that are relevant to the field of civil engineering and planning work such as construction service companies both as executors (contractors), as well as planning consultants, construction management consultants and supervisors

4. Entrepreneur in the Field of Civil Engineering Education and Planning

Creative and innovative entrepreneur in the field of education, training such as educational institutes and software training and short courses in civil engineering, and entrepreneurship in civil engineering and planning.