Prospective Careers

The graduates are highly possible to have career in several areas, such as:
1. Construction and development projects, both as implementers (contractor), consultant planner, supervisor or construction management consultant
2. Mining, petroleum and quarrying companies
3. Transportation, logistics and warehousing companies
4. Educational institutions and scientific services for research and development (as academics and researchers)
5. Central and regional government agencies (Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Ministry of Energy and Resources Mineral Resources, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of National Development Planning, National Land Agency, Environmental Agency)
6. Agency for disaster management and mitigation
7. State / Regional Owned Enterprises (Jasa Marga, PLN, Pertamina, PDAM, Telkom, and PTPN)
8. Private or government auditor institutions (as audit officers)
9. Entrepreneurship