Visi dan Misi Pendidikan Teknik Sipil dan Perencanaan S1

  1. Organize academic education in the field of Civil Engineering and Planning education to produce a competent Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Planning Education with piety, autonomy, and intellectuality as the foundational values 
  2. Conduct basic and applied research activities in the fields of Civil Engineering and Planning.
  3. Create Community Service activities and community empowerment to encourage the development of the potential of the community and their environment to realize community welfare.
  4. Manage good, clean, and accountable governance of the Civil Engineering Education Study Program.Developing various resources and cooperation to support the achievement of the vision and mission of the Civil Engineering and Planning Education Study Program.
  5. Enhance student competence through various forms of training and competency tests in preparation for entering the world of work.
  6. Develop student activities by improoving students' creativity, innocation, communication, collaboration, and good personality.